Laptop Repair

We fix all kinds of laptops. Any brand, any model.

Most common laptop problems are:

  • Broken screen:
    • We replace broken screen of laptop. There are three common sizes. 13.3 inches, 15.9 inches and 17 inches screens. There are few more sizes but these three are very commonly screens used in laptops. We keep most screens in stock. We match the part number of customer’s screen with the one we have in stock and then replace it. If part number does not match then we can order the right screen which can take about three days in an average.
  • Broken DC Jack:
    • Also called charging port. This the power port where we connect the charger. Some times it breaks or pushed in. Either way it is fixable. Some DC jack are connected to the mainboard and some are with harness. We can replaced both kinds of DC jacks and we keep most DC jacks in stock.
  • Heating up Laptop:
    • This happens with almost every brand and every model. Heat sink and CPU fan controls the temperature of the processor. Over the years, fan can go bad or heat sink does not perform well and laptop starts heating up. We can clean or replace fan and heat sink. Again, we keep most fans in stock and some time we have to order this which can take few days.
  • Broken Hinges:
    • When we deal with dropped laptop, we find broken hinge. Some cheap model laptop hinges can break even without drop. Plastic body is so weak that you feel it becoming loose and eventually it breaks. We replace broken hinges.